Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Crusade to Edit America

There's a fun little column I found in the local Seattle Times about a guy who has deputized himself a grammar vigilante setting out to make the U.S. a safer place for spelling.

From the story:

I caught up with him Tuesday by phone in Spokane. The night before, he'd been nearly thrown out of a Spokane bar for pointing out that they misspelled "margarita."

"I can't fully explain why I'm doing this," he confessed. "Typos have always bugged me. I figured I should do something about it, so I came up with a national campaign. It's another way of seeing America, through its errors."

Seattle, he said, was as riddled as any place he's been. He even found a typo at the top of the Space Needle, where a sign describes the Needle's upper deck as its "crowing glory."

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The Amazing Miss H said...

But from the top of the Space Needle, "crowing glory" kinda makes sense!