Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Return of Buck Rogers

Howard Chaykin is going to be writing and drawing a Buck Rogers series.  From Hermes Press.

From a small piece on Comics Beat...

Hermes doesn’t do a lot of original material.  Their website only lists two original works: Tails, a hardcover, and the third volume of Lions, Tigers and Bears, a trade paperback.  Hermes is being a big tease about this, preferring to give out their information at their Comicon panel, but if this is a monthly comic, that would be a departure for Hermes.  Their track record suggests graphic novels.
As for Chaykin, well… it’s Howard Chaykin.  He’s done a couple licensed books before. Star Wars seemed to turn out alright.  The Shadow just got reprinted.  Buck Rogers would harken back to Chaykin’s earlier days of Ironwolf and, perhaps, Cody Starbuck.  Buck Rogers ought to be in his wheelhouse.  (Especially Black Barney the space pirate.)

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