Thursday, September 06, 2012

Rare Beekeeping Books Go On Display

Having always wanted to be a bee keeper (or, at least, try out one of those weird bee beards), I think it'd be pretty great to see a display of rare beekeeping books on display in Scotland.

From a piece on Abe Books...

The books come from the Moir Rare Book Collection – one of the finest collections of rare beekeeping books in the world and the display will celebrate the centenary of the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association.

The Moir Rare Book Collection consists of 250 volumes and includes works dating back to 1525. John William Moir (1851-1940) began beekeeping while in Africa before returning to his native Scotland. He became one of the original members and first vice-chairman of the council of the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association, and started to collect bee literature.

Beekeeping terminology is lovely. If you visit the NLS, you will see literature illustrating the piping and quacking of queen bees, the coaxing of a swarm into a skep, and also the medicinal benefit of honey.

My family kept bees during my childhood but I always regarded the hive with some caution and watched from a distance when the bees were being tended to.  The honey was exceptional.

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