Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rapunzel - the Ballet

Poet Carol Ann Duffy is writing a ballet based on the classic fairytale.

From an article in the Guardian...

Duffy, renowned for her wry reinterpretations of classical myths and legends – including Mrs Midas, quite glad at her shiny new golden toilet bowl, but terrified of the prospect of a solid gold baby – is returning to the sinister original version of the story by the Brothers Grimm. A couple are forced to give away their longed-for only child to a witch, who locks her in a tower with neither stairs nor door, and a handsome prince who climbs up by her long tresses is blinded for his effrontery.

Duffy is collaborating with musicians and artists who have recent form in delighting and terrorising viewers: costume design will be by Michele Clapton, who also works on the swords-and-sorcery television series Game of Thrones, and music by Murray Gold, whose recent work includes Doctor Who and Torchwood.

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