Saturday, November 03, 2012

Rare Witch Hunting Manuel Unveiled

A rare medieval manuscript on how to recognize, question, torture and burn witches is being resurrected at the University of Alberta.

From a story in Global Montreal...

History professor Andrew Gow, who came across the originally miscatalogued book and is now working on translating it from medieval French to English, describes the content as "atrocious."

"If I were to describe this book, I'd say, well, think of all of the most evil books in Harry Potter and the Malfoy's library, well those were imaginary evil. This is real evil, right here," he says.

However, due to the timing of its creation around 1460, ahead of mass state-sponsored witch hunting in Europe, Gow also considers the text to be a priceless cultural artifact that holds great insight into the history of Europe.

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