Friday, November 02, 2012

What Literary Classics Would Make Good Contemporary TV Series has some suggestions, here.

From the piece...

Old Premise: Disfigured recluse falls in love with a tragic, free-spirited gypsy.
New Premise: Quick-witted hunchback chiropractor struggles to run a small business in the Notre Dame college town of South Bend, Indiana.
Pilot: When a late mentor leaves him a chiropractic practice, unlucky hunchback Dr. Luke Quasimodo uproots his big-city life to move to Indiana and gain the trust—and business—of college students and academic residents alike. There's only one problem: His alma mater is USC and the practice is located in a crumbling cathedral. A gruff building-code inspector tries shutting down the business for political reasons, and Quasimodo is ready to give it all up—until spunky World Arts and Culture student Esmeralda (Olivia Thirlby) catches his eye.
Season Arc: Quasimodo installs a giant bell at the top of the cathedral, and kisses Esmeralda during the inaugural ring, only to find out she's carrying the building inspector's baby.
Hip New Title: The Bell Curve

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