Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Penguin Random House Merger

The new industry giant has made room for a wide variety of new initiatives that are good news for authors, publishers and readers.

From a story in the Guardian...

So what does this mean for reading, writing and publishing? It is certainly a dramatic opening chord in a new movement, a movement that will be high tempo and full of development of familiar subjects in new ways.

Firstly, there will be change to the structure of the industry with fewer large players with greater strength, better placed to support the value of both authors' copyrights and publisher activities. Publishers (and therefore writers) have been too vulnerable to the rapid aggregation of retail power both on and offline and stronger publishing structures will be good for writers so long as these larger publishing entities are clear their role is to create value for both writers and shareholders.

Secondly, smaller publishers can thrive in this context as a more clearly differentiated option for writers. These publishers will offer a more intimate, imagination-based and niche partnership for writers.

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