Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Invest in Rare Books

NuWireInvestor has some thoughts.

From the piece...

Yet do it right and rare books, like most collectibles, can provide a valuable option for hedging against losses in more mainstream investments. 

As well as offering 9% pa returns over 20 years, books come with relatively low volatility (a standard deviation of less than 5%), according to Emotional Asset Research & Management. 

“An investment portfolio that includes rare books is better positioned to withstand market cycles and provide long-term growth that extends well beyond retirement day. Rare books have historically proven to hold and appreciate in value in the long run,” Andre Chevalier of Rare Books Digest told Wealth Daily. 

Yet, according to some speculators, volatility isn’t such a big deal in the investing world anymore; The VIX Index, a respected indicator of volatility, has declined from the mid-30s in fourth quarter 2011 to just 13 in May 2013.

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