Monday, August 20, 2007

Bill Bryson on William Shakespeare

It's not as though we need another book on the life and times of William Shakespeare. Put Shakespeare as a keyword on the Barnes & Noble website and it brings back some 12,353 books. There are books on the mystery of who really authored the plays, books on his love life, books that are biographical from cradle to grave, books about the times in which he lived, books, books, books.

Add to that a new book, William Shakespeare: The World As Stage, part of Harper Collins' Eminent Lives Series written by one of my favorite authors Bill Bryson. If you haven't read Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything and The Mother Tongue (my favorite very accessible book to the English language and its history) I recommend you do so. Bryson throws his literate hat into the ring trying to illuminate the shadowy life of Shakespeare and establish the real facts of his life.

The U.K.'s Times Online has an excerpt.

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