Friday, August 24, 2007

Into the Wild

One of my favorite books, an amazing account of the life and death of Chris McCandless, is soon to be a movie that's been adapted and directed by Sean Penn. In response to the renewed fascination with the young man's life, Outside Magazine is making available the original story, one that appeared in Outside's pages in January of 1993 written by the soon to be famous writer Jon Krakauer, who has since written the magnificent Into Thin Air (about his Mt. Everest climb that turned tragic) and Under the Banner of Heaven (a tale of violence and religious fanaticism within the Mormon church).


Christian said...

My older brother gave me this book when I left for Peace Corps service. So the first book I ever read - alone, cold, in the Siberian wilderness - the story of a young man alone, cold, in the Alaskan wilderness, who died. He even wrote inside: "This guy reminds me of you." Thanks, bro.

Despite the frightening parallels, I really enjoyed the book, and my years in Peace Corps. And, luckily, I survived.

Jonathan S. said...

My older brother said the same thing - "This guy's like you." Luckily, I'm alive.