Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Karl Kesel Trades His Back Pages for a New Life

A comic book writer is putting up his comic book collection up for auction to pay for medical bills and adoption fees for his new baby.

From a piece in the Oregonian...

After 40 years, he is letting the Marvels of his childhood go because, at the golden age of 53, Karl and his wife, Myrna, suddenly have their hands full.

With a 15-week-old baby.

The child of heroin users.

Their precious son, Isaac .¤.¤. and the adoption fees and medical bills that arrived with him.

Thus, the comics must go.

“I don’t necessarily feel like I’m putting away childish things,” says Kesel, a longtime writer and artist. “I may be putting away my childish things. But I’m embracing Isaac’s.

“I think I’m getting another childhood here.”

And adding to those tales that astonish.

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