Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Literary Guide to the NFL Post Season

The guide, care of New York Daily News.

From the piece...

4. Washington: With uncommon poise to match his prodigious talent, rookie Robert Griffin III deserves all the praise he gets. However, the team’s fortunes may ride just as much on their unassuming and bruising rookie running back Albert Morris. As this unlikely duo rushes forward into the future, they must be careful because they hold the fragile hopes and dreams of a delicate fanbase in their hands.
Literary Equivalent: “Of Mice and Men” (John Steinbeck)

5. Seattle: The Seahawks may very well be the most feared team heading into the playoffs, but they remain vulnerable away from home. Can Russell Wilson and his crew survive an extended road trip and return home victorious?
Literary Equivalent: “The Odyssey” (Homer)

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