Friday, February 08, 2013

10 Educationally Insane Superhero PSA Comics

The list, care of io9.

From said list...

4) Captain America Goes to War Against Drugs

The title of this 1990 FBI-sponsored PSA comic is somewhat misleading, as Cap doesn't really "go to war" against drugs. He may "go to war" against "one kid who does drugs," but even then it's less "war" and more "being tangentially near a kid that does drugs." The story begins when a kid named Keith narcs on his buddy Mitch to Cap. Mitch is doing drugs, which leads to him beaning a batter in a baseball game, which is just the sort of brutal, rock-bottom wake-up call Mitch needed. He punches his drug dealer and never does drugs again. Which is a good thing, since the drug dealer was actually an alien, who was testing to see if his race could conquer humanity by getting them hooked on drugs. Clearly, Mitch is a perfect indicator of the entire human race, so the aliens go home. Meaning while Cap was "waging war against drugs," Mitch was "busy saving the entire goddamn world from alien enslavement."

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