Thursday, February 28, 2013

8 Absolutely Ridiculous Ways Comic Book Characters Have Been Brought Back to Life

The list, care of The Week.

From said list...

1. Bucky BarnesThe demise of Captain America sidekick Bucky Barnes was originally introduced via flashback, and Bucky's death was a vital part of Captain America's character. Our hero long struggled to deal with his guilt over failing to prevent the boy's death — guilt that turned out to be misplaced. More than four decades later, it was revealed that a brainwashed Bucky had been operating as a Soviet assassin called the Winter Solider all along. Since his resurrection as the Winter Solider, Bucky has actually been "killed off" and come back again, with his apparent death in 2011's "Fear Itself" arc later revealed to have been prevented by an injection of something called infinity formula.

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