Sunday, April 28, 2013

Matching Rock Bands with the Books in the Old Testament

Noisey does it, here.

From the piece...

Exodus was my favorite book of the Bible growing up, mostly because it gave me a weird, semi-schadenfreude glee reading about the increasingly horrific things happening to the Egyptian slavers because of their incessant uncouthness in the face of God. In some ways this is the exact same reaction I have to Slayer.

Leviticus is the book of the Bible people always point to if they want to make a point of how terrible the Bible is. Not only is it homophobic and sexist, it’s also teeth-grindingly monotonous! So Nickelback is the obvious choice.

The gist of Numbers is how the incessant moaning and arbitrary disobedience of the Israelites gets them condemned by God to spend an entire generation wandering around in the wilderness. Much like Weezer, who has also spent a generation wandering around in the wilderness.

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