Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unfinished Richard Scarry Manuscript to Be Published

A collection of sketches and text featuring Lowly Worm is due to be colored and completed by Scarry's son.

From a piece in the Guardian...

News that an unfinished manuscript by children's illustrator Richard Scarry is to be coloured up by his son and published this autumn may not immediately thrill the children of today, but it will provoke waves of nostalgia in those of us who grew up with his busy anthropomorphised beasts.

The book will feature one of Scarry's best-loved and most ubiquitous characters, the alpine-hatted, singly-shod Lowly Worm who drives an apple and was probably the first worm in space. The unfinished book of sketches and text, devoted to the cheerful invertebrate, was discovered among Scarry's papers, and his son Huck, also an artist, is colouring and completing it. Appropriately, since its publication will form part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of The Best Word Book Ever, it will be published under the characteristically hyperbolic title Best Lowly Worm Book Ever.

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