Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Are Celebrity Children's Books Bad for Literature?

That was the question posed recently by the Scotsman.

From the piece...

Of course celebrities, like anyone else, can be multi-talented in the most surprising of ways. Everyone laughed at Victoria Beckham’s ambition to become a fashion designer, and now Hollywood actresses fight to wear her dresses. Those of us who will always think of him as the bumbling Prince Regent in Blackadder remain a little perplexed by Hugh Laurie’s recent incarnation as a blues musician, yet his hugely successful debut album and live performances have gained consistently respectable reviews.
But while Beckham (despite the odd nasty rumour) really does design her own dresses – around her own body it was recently revealed – and it’s Laurie’s own gravelly voice singing the blues, Lampard admits openly that he did not actually write most of Frankie’s Magic Football.

“I couldn’t, to be honest, finish a complete book. It’s very difficult for me to write a kids’ book. I basically have the characters that I’ve come up with and the storylines, so once I get through that, I normally write a whole list of the story and where it goes, then at the end I sit down with (editor) Mike and he will help me with how you put it together,” the footballer said in a recent interview. Asked if he wrote any words, Lampard replied: “Yeah, bits of it,” before going on to add: “I would love to get to the stage where I can write the whole book myself.”

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