Sunday, June 02, 2013

What I Read That Summer

Twelve writers recall their most memorable experiences of summer reading for the New York Times.

From the piece...

Louise Erdrich
The public library in my hometown was a hushed haven cooled by slow-beating ceiling fans. Behind the high desk, a tall blond woman examined my card, but refused to stamp out the books I’d chosen."White Fang"was too violent for a 9-year-old. I came back with a note from my mother that said I could read anything I wanted. From then on I could range at will. With a worried expression the librarian allowed me to check out Leon Uris’s"Exodus."Next, nervously, she let me get away with"Ship of Fools."I had no idea what they were about. I just read them as collections of words. 

And then I found “The Nylon Pirates,” by Nicholas Monsarrat. I thought it would be about pirates stealing women’s nylon stockings, which seemed shockingly tempting. It must have been the last straw, because the librarian refused to check it out for me. Instead, she gave me"Animal Farm.” “Let me know what you think,” she said. I loved it. “Well?” she said when I brought it back. “A great pig story!” I told her. She renewed the book with her special red stamp and handed it back to me. “Read it again,” she said.

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