Saturday, June 01, 2013

The New Life of Vintage Typewriters

Typewriter repairman - that's still a thing.

From a piece in the Raw Story...

“To me the typewriter is better than the computer, not because I’m old fashioned, but because it slows you down. You have to choose the words carefully because you cannot correct,” he told AFP.
“It takes a long time to press the key.”

Collector Steve Soboroff says typewriters, unlike computer keyboards, have an intimate relationship with their owners.

“I just love the idea of authors, famous people, would spend hours of their lives on these typewriters, so they are very personal. And there’s only one of them, is not like there are hundreds of them.
“There’s only one for each,” added the biggest customer of Marzorati, whose studio is full of old printing machines, typewriters and mechanical calculators.

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