Thursday, January 17, 2008

How to Write a Novel....FAST!

You want to write a novel but you might be pressed for time. Perhaps you are being sent to a gulag (my condolences)and have no access to pen and paper. Or, perhaps you're the leader of a large nation and don't have time to write a romance novel in that you're busy invading. Or, perhaps you're just a regular full-time worker with other full-time responsibilities (kids/family/parole hearings) but you still want to write that book you know you have in you.

Well, Jeff Vandermeer at Ecstatic Days shows you how to write a novel in two months.

Two months too long for you? Need to get something out quicker?

You can always be a part of the National Novel Writing Month (November), where writers try and crank out books in 30 days.

Thirty days more than you can handle? Perhaps it's still too much time by, say twenty seven days. Never fear! You can write a novel in a weekend.

Stephen King seems to write a book in about the time it takes me to make a ham sandwich and Joyce Carol Oates writes a book about every time I blink. So, don't be intimidated. Don't give up. You have the time. You make that time. You write!

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