Monday, December 31, 2012

13 Resolutions to Make You a Better Writer in 2013

The list, care of Lit Reactor.

From said list... 

2. I will start writing at X o’clock every day
Here’s the thing about developing a habit: While you’re trying to cement it into your life, there’s no room for flexibility or for giving yourself a break just this once. This resolution is good for that reason. After a month of writing at the same time every day, your muse will start to understand when to show up. Sometimes she'll be out posing for art students, trying to make some extra cash, and you've still got to work on those days. But most of the time she'll be there. Create a trigger to remind yourself that it’s time to put pen to paper: set an alarm, train your dog to attack your crotch, put the coffee pot on a timer, whatever it takes. Experts in habit-forming swear by triggers. 

3. I will finish a chapter in my novel
Look, you could go balls to the wall and resolve to finish your novel, but breaking that down into smaller goals is much more likely to result in high fives and celebratory toasts. A shopaholic should resolve to put $20 in the piggy bank, not $2,000. A couch potato should resolve to run around the block, not to run a marathon. The same goes for writers. Tiny steps are better than no steps. Add up enough chapters, and you’ll end up with a novel anyway. It’s just a less terrifying approach.

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