Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The War on Superman's Underpants

Have they gone UNDER his costume now and forever?

From a piece in io9...

There might not be a real War on Christmas, but I'm pretty sure there's a real War on Superman's Underpants. It might not be sexy enough to get all that sweet Fox News coverage, but the traditional red underpants that the comics Superman has worn outside of his blue tights for most of the last century are now missing in both the upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel and in the comics - as well as the outer-underwear worn by many other heroes and villains . And I, for one, can no longer sit idly by while this venerable tradition is attacked. Let us go back to 1933, when Superman co-creators Joe Siegel and Jerry Shuster decided to put Superman's underwear on the outside in the first place - and why so many superheroes afterwards followed suit. Why did they make this choice? It wasn't because wearing your underwear outside your pants was a hot fashion trend of the ‘30s. Indeed, giving Superman outer-briefs probably looked as weird - if not moreso - as it does today.

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