Saturday, December 29, 2012

Peter Parker...Dead?


From a story in the Guardian about the Amazing Spider-Man, Issue #700...

To mark the end of the 50-year-old Amazing Spider-Man series, the mind behind the webbed red mask will change from underdog Peter Parker to one of his most vilified opponents. 

The dying, aging super villain Dr Otto Octavius switched bodies with the young researcher a couple issues prior and in a surprise move, Peter Parker won't make it out of the switch alive. That means Peter Parker is no more.

Amazing Spider-Man author Dan Slott said he has been building up to this moment since the return of Doc Ock in issue #600, where the villain would be facing the end of his life and facing his "super-villain bucket list".

"The coolest thing we could do would be to switch brains with your enemy and let him die in your withered, diseased, dying, battered body," Slott told the Guardian. "That would be awesome."

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