Friday, February 01, 2013

How Do I Become...An Illustrator

Technique, self-belief and a targeted approach are all vital to achieving success, says Harry Potter illustrator Cliff Wright – but a degree is less important.

From a story in the Guardian...

The most important quality for an aspiring illustrator is, he reckons, self-belief. "Most people get told at some point that they're no good, and publishers can be challenging to work with," he says. "The key is to use criticism to develop your ideas but not to take it personally."

A degree from an art college is less important than a strong, focused portfolio, he believes. "Drawing skills aren't taught at art college these days," he says. "I taught myself about watercolouring from DIY books – a few terms at a drawing workshop after work could be just as formative as a degree."

Also important is to target overtures to companies who are relevant to a portfolio rather than a random blitz of a business directory.

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