Thursday, December 06, 2012

Top 10 Rules of Space Opera

The list, care of io9.

From said list...

3. A scrappy group of humans should be part of a rebellion that's hidden on a cool-looking moon or tricked-out asteroid.
Rebel groups never hide in apartments. They always have amazing underground hideaways or hidden airborne platforms on an exotic place with bizarro weather. Eventually the Big Bads and the Rebels will blow the fuck out of each other but not until after we've seen at least ten freaky locals near the rebel hideout and like six cool underground moon bases, which we'll reach via a series of briefly-seen but outrageously weird images of upsidown cities hovering over purple clouds.

4. There must be an enormous mothership (which must be referred to as a mothership or maybe a base ship), and it must be attacked by a bunch of tiny fighter ships.
Don't forget the tense crosstalk between the fighters, including but not limited to use of nicknames, use of made-up "futuristic" curse words, and use of breathing noises intended to sound like somebody using an oxygen tank. One of the fighters should engage in a reckless act, like singlehandedly taking down the mothership or flying really low above it to get intelligence.

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